Italy Elopement Planners & Photographers



Born and raised in Italy, our photography journey started in London in 2014 and since then it has taken us to the most
incredible places around the UK,
Italy and beyond!

Our hometown is just a couple of hours from the Italian Alps, on the border between Italy and France. As kids we used to spend our whole Summer in our mountain house, where we would leave early in the morning just to come back before dusk in the evening. Long walks with the family in the most beautiful valleys, adventuring outside, cycling up and down the streets of our small village as well as building highly sophisticated rock dams in rivers or even sleeping in improvised tents in the nearby fields to see the August shooting stars.. These were among our usual summer activities.

Surely a piece of our hearts has never left those places, which is why even today it remains our beloved refuge in the holiday months, a refuge we now share with our children.


It is not surprising that not only have hiking, skiing and rock climbing become our biggest passions but that they are also the inspiration for our wedding photography style, mainly focused on our deep love for nature and the outdoors.

We started our adventure in Italy as destination wedding photographers, but given our strong passion for the outdoors, it came only natural to specialise in elopements and intimate weddings. Creating a deep and meaningful connection with our couples while also celebrating sustainability on their wedding day is our constant inspiration. Just as crafting experiences that are focused on preserving the environment, is our number one commitment.

Although your wedding day is all about your love for each other, having two photographers and planners that share your same passion and sensibility for the outdoors and with whom you can connect, is essential to create those amazing nature-all-around images that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.


We couldn’t really claim to be outdoor lovers if we didn’t deeply care about the impact that our lives and our business have on the environment.

Now that we are both mothers of two wonderful children, we have realised even more how important it is to raise awareness on sustainability and environmental issues. With this intention we are constantly moving towards a more consistent eco-friendly way of living and towards a ethical way of working in the wedding industry, which is undoubtedly, very wasteful.

In 2021 we founded the “Benni Carol’s Eco-Network”, a network of like minded sustainable wedding providers, eager to share their knowledge to help couples have an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding. Thanks to the help of several providers based all over Europe, we have created a constant-growing pool of resources with the aim of supporting everyone wishing to plan their day in a more socially conscious way.

On a personal level, we are big recycling advocates, we try to minimise our use of plastic, our meat consumption (Carol is a vegetarian) or the purchase of unnecessary items. Shopping from locally sourced retailers as well as eating exclusively seasonal fruit and veggies, coupled with buying second hand, reusable, washable, recyclable and recycled items are part of the steps of our eco-path. Most importantly, we teach our children daily to respect and protect our planet.

Clearly, far from being 100% green, but surely 100% committed to improving everywhere we can.

Benni Carol Photography’s eco-ethical commitment:

– We partnered with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organisation dedicated to global reforestation. We plant a tree for every wedding and session booked and we donate 1% of our yearly income to help OneTreePlanted raise awareness about the importance of trees and motivate younger generations.
– We are proudly part of the Ethical Influencers community, which collectively works towards a more ethical world.
– We have agreed to the Ethical Move pledges, and we promote ethical transparency towards both pricing and marketing practices.
– We are part of the Green Union Directory, which features eco-friendly and ethical suppliers of the wedding industry and creates inspiration for weddings at a lower environmental impact.
– We try to work mainly with suppliers that share our same ethos to minimise as much as possible our impact on the environment.