How to Elope in Italy

Navigate Through the Best Place to Start Planning Your Italian Adventure

If your dream is to elope in Europe, then planning an elopement in Italy is by far one of the best options you have for your big day! Although not a very big country in terms of actual surface, Italy spreads across the North and the South, making it automatically one of the most versatile countries in Europe in terms of weather and landscapes. Also, if you want to have a nice dive into culture and history on your elopement, again Italy is one of the richest places you could ever visit. Combining pristine and breathtaking landscapes with a one of a kind historic and cultural experience, sounds just like THE vision you have fot your elopement? Then don’t look any further than Italy! Oh right, did we mention its food and wine both known across the whole globe for being some of the best you could ever try that will definitely make the difference on your elopement day?

Eloping in Italy, Are You Ready?

Why Shall You Elope in italy?

Elopements have evolved immensely over the past years. Back in the days couples that decided to elope were “simply” secretly getting hitched without telling anyone about their plans. Nowadays an elopement is a full experience, a day (sometimes even several days) focused solely on the couple that chooses to share a one of a kind experience in some stunning destinations around the world. And Italy has everything to offer.

Plus, Italy is also the perfect country to spend your honeymoon! Most of our couples decide to invest the money that they would have spent on a big wedding back home on a beautiful trip, either around Europe or around Italy. And how can we blame them? We often meet our couples half way through their adventure. Once they have eloped, the second half of their trip instantly becomes their exciting honeymoon!

We are only more than aware that planning an elopement in Italy and going through the hundreds of options you have when you decide to elope here, is not the easiest task. That is why we have put together these resources with the hope to make it as easy and as straightforward as possible for you.

Benni & Carol: Two Elopement Photographers in Italy

We are a team of two photographers based in Tuscany and we plan and document elopements all over Italy. After having lived in the UK for years, we now moved back to our home country where we take our couples on amazing adventures all across its wonderful regions. Running a socially conscious and sustainable business is at the core of Benni Carol Photography and we pride ourselves to have this as the main focus of the way we do things. In 2021 we founded the “Benni Carol Eco-Network”, a network of like minded suppliers in the wedding industry with the aim to help our couples start their journey in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible.

This is also the reason why we have decided to specialise in elopements and intimate weddings, by far the least wasteful way to celebrate your union.

Can You Elope in Italy?

First things first, you do not need to be a resident to marry in Italy. Also, Italy legally recognises both religious and civil weddings – Please note that, for the ceremony to be legally binding, you will need two witnesses and if you do not speak Italian, you will need an official translator.

Tip from the photographer: have a symbolic ceremony instead!

The first advice we give to all the couples that decide to elope to Italy is to take care of all legalities back home and opt for a symbolic ceremony. If you have pictured your day to be celebrated on a beach at dawn, or on the top of a mountain, or in a Tuscan field surrounded by rolling hills, then opting for a symbolic ceremony is what will give you all the freedom and flexibility you’ll need. Plus, it will also be your cheapest option!

Examples of Symbolic Ceremonies You Can
Opt For

Intimate exchange of vows

Handfasting ceremony

Planting tree ceremony

Couple kissing just after their symbolic ceremony in the Italian Alps in Winter

Where Can You Elope in Italy?

4 Guides You Cannot Miss When Planning Your Italian Elopement

Italy spreads across the North and the South, giving all its inhabitants and all the tourists that travel here every year, one of the richest and most diverse contexts you could ever find in Europe.

Italy can therefore be “divided” in four big macroregions, Northern ItalyCentral ItalySouthern Italy and The Islands.

Find below 4 guides we wrote for elopements in each of the 4 Italian macro areas.

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How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Italy?

A Comprehensive Guide to the Costs of Italian Elopements

Wondering how much it would cost to elope in Italy? As in all things, when it comes to budgeting for an experience, eventually what you decide to spend on something will totally come down to you. However, we have decided to give an overview of the average cost an elopement in Italy can have, with a full breakdown of the expenses you’ll face:

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All Our Italy Elopement Guides

Eloping in Italy is probably one of the best choices you will ever make! Try to get the most out of it and don’t simply pick any destinations just for the sake of it. From the highest mountain peak, to the last little Sicilian island, when you travel across Italy you will go through one incredible journey, you will explore unique landscapes and have a deep dive into history and culture, all accompanied by the most refined cuisine you’ll ever find in the world. As your options are endless, why settle for any destination instead of finding THE ONE that really perfectly fits you and your taste?

Tip from the photographer: have a symbolic ceremony instead!

Here below you will find all our guides to start planning your Italian elopement. We will walk with you through the many locations you can choose, explaining all their pros and cons, giving you all the possible options you have and more. And of course, at any point you are more than welcome to book a free consultation and have a nice video chat with us where we can talk even more in detail of the wonderful journey you are about to begin!

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Elope in the Islands

Elope in 5 Terre and Portofino

Elope in 5 Terre and Portofino

We Plan and Document Elopements all across Italy

If you are ready to start planning your amazing adventure with us, GET IN TOUCH and check out our Elopement Packages. Over the years we have put together elopement itineraries and elopement packages around Italy that will fit all tastes that we cannot wait to share with you!

Our All-inclusive Elopement Package in Italy

Also, to make things as straightforward and as easy as possible, we offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE elopement package for your elopement in Italy. You can check it out below.

Real Elopements

Curious to see what a real elopement in Italy looks like? The stories below will take you on an extraordinary journey around some of the most beautiful and iconic destinations in Italy. From an elopement in the stunning surroundings of Lake Como, to the sunny and colourful Sicily and Amalfi Coast, from the sophisticated and breathtaking Tuscan countryside, to Siena and its historic heritage, come on an exciting journey around our home country and be inspired by our wonderful couples’ stories!

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Get in Touch

If your heart is set on an Italian elopement and you are ready to start this exciting experience, then GET IN TOUCH! We will book you in for a first video chat, where you can explain your vision for the day and everything you have in mind for your trip to Europe. If you are planning to travel across Italy and visit multiple locations, then we will advise you on the best itinerary to make the most out of your Italian road trip, we will give you local advice to visit places that are not necessarily that popular on Instagram but that are equally as beautiful (if not more!) and we will help you create a one time life experience!

So what are you waiting for?

Benni & Carol

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