A June Elopement In Le Cinque Terre

A perfect elopement in one of the most incredible Italian destinations

A real elopement in Le Cinque Terre, where we explored Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso, with a ceremony at sunset, on a boat in e of the most beautiful Italian gulfs. What to ask for more?

Deciding to elope in Italy is definitely an easy choice to make, the tricky bit comes when you need to choose the actual Italian destination for your dream day. Working with Liz and Chris was an absolute bliss: not only were they just wonderful to be around, but they also fully trusted our inputs and suggestions. When they first got in touch, they didn’t have an exact plan or idea in mind, the only thing that was sure was that they were going to land in our country and start an exciting few week trip around some of its most beautiful places. The other thing they were sure of, was that they wanted to make their trip even more special by celebrating with an intimate elopement. When they stumbled upon our work, they knew they wanted us as their elopement photographers and we were of course ready to help!

As elopement photographers in Italy, travelling is a huge part of our lives and we needed to find a date and destination that could work both for them and us (it was a bit of a last minute booking!).

So, we asked for their travelling plans, with the itinerary and dates of their journey, combined it with our calendar and found the spot that fitted perfectly their needs: Le Cinque Terre. Liz and Chris were in fact looking for a coastal destination for their Italian elopement and le Cinque Terre is one of the most beautiful ones you can find in Italy. As elopement photographers in Le Cinque Terre, planning and documenting elopements through its little alleys, unique rocks and colourful houses is what we love doing the most.



Since Chris had a unique attachment to the sea, celebrating their union on a boat seemed like the only way to go. And gosh were they excited when we suggested they could have their symbolic ceremony while also exploring one of the most beautiful Italian gulfs, the so-called “Golfo dei Poeti”, Literally, “The poets’ gulf”.

What can we say, we couldn’t have asked for a better and more spontaneous day! Liz and Chris also trusted us as their elopement planners, we planned their day to the smallest detail. Funny story about this, we had been monitoring the weather for a week as one of the most important things for them was to get married at sunset on a boat. On the day we chose for their elopement it was forecasted rain, heavy rain. Thanks to all the flexibility of our amazing providers, we managed to re-plan it all and postpone the day to the later, much more sunny one, and again, what a spectacular day we had!



Honestly, feeling forever grateful.

If you too want to elope to Cinque Terre and you are looking for an elopement photographer and an elopement planner, then please GET IN TOUCH, we literally cannot wait to help!

And don’t forget to check out our guide to plan an elopement in Le Cinque Terre or if you just wish to visit, feel free to check out this other guide that will surely come in hand!

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