Eloping to Cinque Terre

A Complete Guide

Elope to Cinque Terre if you are after a breathtaking coastal area, where you can feel all the Italian vibes while surrounded by some of the most crystal clear watersunique villages and hidden little corners that will simply leave you in pure awe. If you are looking for a destination in Northern Italy just perfect for your Italian elopement, then look no further than Cinque Terre.

And, if you want to keep exploring potential destinations for your Italian adventure, then take advantage of the many guides we have on our blog. As Italian elopement photographers, we have the absolute privilege of exploring some of the most incredible areas in our country. What’s more, we are so lucky to be able to share all our knowledge and expertise with our amazing couples. So feel free to check out the many resources we have about eloping to Italy and just GET IN TOUCH to start planning your exciting adventure!

When couples get in touch, one of the first destinations we suggest is Cinque Terre. Although a pretty popular destination amongst travellers around the world, Cinque Terre is not as a popular destination for a typical Italian elopement. We are still not sure why, but some of the most beautiful elopements we planned and documented were right in between these incredible rocks, stunning waters and unique, colourful little villages. So, with no further ado, let’s see together how to elope in Cinque Terre.

How do You Elope in Cinque Terre?

If you are not new to our blog, you will know that you can elope everywhere in Italy, in fact,  you do not need to be an Italian resident to get married in our country. However easy it might sound, deciding to have a legally binding ceremony might be a bit of a constraint: you will have to stick to specific timings, find two witnesses and choose specific locations. That is why, when it comes to elopements, deciding to take care of all the legalities at home and opt to have a symbolic ceremony once in Italy, it’s always the best choice you can do!

And of course, keep in mind that symbolic ceremonies are nothing less than legal ones. Whether you will exchange your vows intimately or decide to have a celebrant, believe us, you will experience all the possible emotions you can think of, and this is what will make your elopement such a special and unique day.

How do You Get to Cinque Terre

Getting to Cinque Terre is really extremely easy. Whether you are travelling by train or by car, you have many options depending where you come from.

We wrote a whole article about travelling to Cinque Terre, where you will find everything and more about the matter:

When is the Best Period to Elope in Cinque Terre

As for most destinations in Italy, when you decide to elope to Cinque Terre you should really try to avoid the period from the second half of June until the first week of September. Not only are the temperatures way too high, but also the amount of tourists will not allow you to enjoy the day to the fullest. With that said, even in the highest peak of the season we always manage to carve out secluded little places for you to exchange your vows and create a timeline and itinerary for the day to assure a limited amount of people will be on our path.

Anyway, elopement aside, if you can travel to Italy in April, May, first half of June, September and October, you’ll be sure to really enjoy your trip. And do not overlook winter months, they are so very special in so many ways!

What are the Costs of a Cinque Terre Elopement?

How much does it cost to elope to Cinque Terre you may ask, well, when it comes to the budget it really depends how much money you want to invest in the day. Since Cinque Terre is such an incredible and astonishing destination, you can totally use the surroundings to your advantage and save money on the ceremony and venue.

REAL ELOPEMENT: Liz and Chris, one of our couples that eloped in Cinque Terre this June, for their day spent a total of €8.500, and this included accommodations, planning and photography, flowers, train trips, boat ride and romantic lunch on the day of the elopement.

Check out their day and watch their slideshow below:

While this is an article we wrote about the costs of eloping to Italy, where you can go through a complete break down of the investment you can decide to make:

What’s the Best Outfit for a Cinque Terre Elopement?

Your keywords when choosing the perfect outfit for an elopement in Cinque Terre should be:

Light, Fresh, Comfy

Eloping to Cinque Terre entails a little bit of exploring. Nothing major, just gentle strolls around fisherman little villages, with cobblestone roads and a few ups and downs in the typical narrow alleys, called “caruggi”.

Wearing a light dress, maybe with a nice skirt to catch the breeze once on the boat (which, by the way, would look incredible in the pictures) and comfy shoes, will surely allow you to enjoy the day without stressing too much about achy feet.

light linen suit will also work perfectly for the day.

If you opt for a boat ride at sunset, depending on the season you chose for your elopement, we always suggest to take a more informal change with you and potentially even a swimming costume. Who says that you cannot have a dip in these beautiful waters after such an incredible day?

Book Your Cinque Terre Elopement Package!

If what you read and see is what you’re looking for for your Italian elopement and you are ready to elope to Cinque Terre, then do not hesitate to get in touch and book a call with us! We will be more than happy to talk you through our process and start planning with you your incredible adventure!

“We feel beyond grateful getting to work with Benni Carol on our elopement in Cinque Terre. Their photos are stunningly beautiful. They truly capture the magic in the air.
Benni shot our elopement and wildly exceeded all of our expectations. She is so professional, fun, full of energy. She made our day perfect and captured so many beautiful moments that we will cherish.

We highly recommend Benni Carol for your elopement in Italy. We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Grazie Mille Benni!”

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