Elope in Italy, Elope In the Amalfi COast!

Everyone that starts looking into eloping in Italy will feel a bit overwhelmed by the many options this beautiful country can offer. As elopement photographers based in Italy, there is no couple we talk to that doesn’t share the same initial overwhelming feeling. Eloping in Italy sounds amazing, but where to exactly? For an overall idea of the different options you could have, please feel free to check out this guide we wrote previously about Eloping in Italy.

Today we will instead focus on elopements In the Amalfi Coast: being one of the most beautiful coasts in Italy, we could potentially write a book about it! We will try to narrow down your options to give you a clear, but most importantly practical idea.

If breathtaking views with iconic towns on cliffs, unique colorful landscapes, exceptional food and crystal clear sea waters are the ingredients you cannot compromise on for your elopement in Italy, then the Amalfi Coast is the destination you are looking for.

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Elope In the Amalfi Coast: How to Get There

If you are flying internationally for your elopement in the Amalfi Coast, two of the easiest options you have are Fiumicino Airport, Rome and Malpensa Airport, Milan. Both cities are perfectly connected to Naples by fast trains, you’d have the options of traveling with Trenitalia and its Frecce or with Italo, the other fast train that runs in Italy. Once you reach Naples, your easiest option would be to get a train to Salerno (it would be only a 30 mins ride) and from there you can reach the Amalfi Coast by coach or by ferry, these are the two links to look at:

Bus Connections

Ferry Connections

Elope In the Amalfi Coast: Which Destination

If you decide to elope in the Amalfi Coast, you will have several destinations to choose from. The most beautiful and iconic destinations would be Positano, Sorrento, Ravello and Amalfi. But you can also choose one of the islands of the area, like for example, Capri.


Spotlight: Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

The perfect venue for your elopement in Amalfi


If your heart is set on the town of Amalfi, then you might want to consider the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi as your elopement in Italy venue. A luxury hotel set right in the middle of the stunning cliffs in Amalfi, overlooking the bay. Finding a bit of seclusion on your elopement day will definitely add on to the overall experience. Not only does Grand Hotel Convento offer majestic views of the sea and of the town of Amalfi, but it also nestles on its ground:

  • A small Church, called the Chapel of St. Francis, perfect for Catholic rites
  • A roofless Cloister that creates the most magical atmosphere, perfect for symbolic ceremonies
  • Several terraces that overlook the sea and the bay, absolutely perfect for outdoor ceremonies with breathtaking views.



Needless to say that Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi hosts different options for a romantic meal on your elopement day. With two restaurants serving a gourmet menu featuring the best from Italian and Mediterranean dishes and a bar with a spectacular terrace where you can taste the best selection of wines and cocktails, your elopement in Italy experience will be fully accomplished.



Elope In the Amalfi Coast: When Is the Best Period To Elope In This Beautiful Region?

As for most destinations in Italy, the Amalfi coast offers its best experience during Spring or Fall.

The mild temperatures and less crowded places will absolutely make you experience this little corner of paradise without all the stress of overcrowded spots and unbearable weather conditions!

Our favorite month to elope in the Amalfi Coast? It will definitely have to be October!

Make Your Elopment Destination In Italy Your Honeymoon Location!

This is the piece of advice we always give out! Most probably you will fly internationally, so why not make the most out of your elopement in Italy?

If you decide to elope in the Amalfi Coast, you will be in a very convenient position. As we were mentioning before, Naples is very well connected to the North of Italy, as well as the South. With a fast train in only a few hours you can get to the Alps, with the unique breathtaking mountain landscapes. Or you can tour around the most beautiful historical cities in Italy. Or you can get a ferry and explore the islands.

Here below you can find 3 itinerary suggestions for your honeymoon but as with most things in Italy, the options are endless so feel free to get in touch for more advice, we can literally bore you to death!

Itinerary 1 – Explore the Italian mountains on your elopement in Italy

If you are not new to our blog, you will know that we have a bit of an obsession for the mountains! That is where we grew up, where we like spending the majority of our time and where we love taking our couples to!

The Alps serve literally as the crown for the “Italian head” and we like to think of them as the queens of Italy (too much maybe?! Oopsie!! :). They spread from west to east and they offer spectacular sceneries no matter where you go.

From Naples you can choose three different directions:

  • Turin in the Western part of the Alps. This is our hometown, a city too often overlooked by many, which used to be the capital of Italy and for very good reasons. When you walk through its streets, you’ll feel all its “royal” and classy atmosphere. It is surrounded by the mountains and from here you can go to: Val di Susa, Valli di Lanzo, Val Sangone.
  • Milan, a city not necessarily known for its mountains, but in fact a very convenient connection to some of the most beautiful mountain valleys of the north. From Milan you can easily reach the Lake District of Italy and visit Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, just to name a few.
  • Verona, in the Eastern part of the Alps, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Not only is it absolutely worth a trip, but it is also the perfect starting point to everyone that wants to explore Veneto and Trentino. From Verona you can easily reach Trento and Bolzano and explore from there some of the most iconic mountain spots in Italy. A very relaxing yet stunning stop would be, for example, Lake Molveno, surrounded by the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.

This is only a very superficial introduction of the different mountain destinations you can choose for your honeymoon in Italy. If you want to have a more detailed overview, please feel free to check out the FREE guide we wrote: Eloping in the Italian Alps. And of course, we are more than happy to offer more ideas and suggestions

Itinerary 2 – Have a tour of the most iconic historical cities on your elopement in Italy

Again, take advantage of the fast trains and tour around some of the most beautiful Italian cities!

A tour we would absolutely suggest would be:

Naples – and make sure to spend at least two good days there, in Italy we say “Vedi Napoli e poi muori” which literally means “Visit Naples and die”. Dramatic, true, but accurate indeed! One of our favorite Italian cities by far! → Rome – I guess there is not much to add to this, Rome it’s absolutely unique! → Florence – The city we are based in at the moment, one with the richest and most dense historic center, Dante’s town, a UNESCO heritage site with the most beautiful surrounding hills → Bologna – hometown of the most ancient university in the world, if you like art, music, excellent food and a buzzy atmosphere, do not miss this spot! → Milan – for a more modern and different experience → Turin – Have a look at the paragraph above and don’t miss one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!



Itinerary 3 – Explore the islands on your elopement in Italy

From Naples you can get the ferry to:

  • The Arcipelago Campano – Here you can visit the main islands that are: Ischia, Capri, Procida, Vivara, Nisida as well as the smaller and yet beautiful, islands.
  • Sicily – From Naples you can get a ferry to Palermo (again a city absolutely worth at least two days of your holiday!) and from there you can explore one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.
  • Sardinia – If you are looking for a really relaxing destination, surrounded by breathtaking sea waters, white beaches and stunning cliffs, then get a ferry to Cagliari and start exploring one of the wildest regions in Italy!



And this is pretty much it! As elopement photographers in Italy we are of course super excited to tell you all about our country and the many destinations you can choose from. If you are planning an elopement in Italy, help yourself with the FREE guides we wrote:

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Also, we recently created an all-inclusive elopement package so that you can combine our photography services with our planning services. To know all about our elopement package in Italy, check out the link below:

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Happy planning!

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