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Who says that to get married in Italy and have a grand destination wedding you need to invite hundreds of people and break the bank? Gina and Trey are the absolute proof that you can have the most perfect day, in the most natural and candid way possible even without going HUGE on your day. With a moving first look at dawn on the shores of Maiori, a touching exchange of vows in Ravello, overlooking one of the most beautiful Italian bays and a boat ride at sunset through the most iconic scenery, Gina and Trey couldn’t have had a more grand elopement in the Amalfi Coast.

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How to get around the crowds in the Amalfi Coast in June?


Even though everything ran absolutely perfectly, the biggest challenge Gina and Trey had for their day was the crowds. When they got in touch to enquire about our elopement packages in Italy, we made them aware straight away that the Amalfi Coast in June would have been extremely busy. They could not be too flexible with their plans as the flight tickets were booked already, so we had to find a way to deliver a nice intimate day nevertheless. We designed every detail in a way that we could always be around the edges of crowds and the busy buzz. 2023 in Italy had been a big year, as most famous destinations got flooded with people. And although it is nice to see that everything is getting back to normal after the big Covid hit, we can’t help but notice that tourism here in Italy needs to be handled a bit better in certain places, both by tourists and by Italians.

The Amalfi Coast in peak season can become a bit of a nightmare place and we are absolutely glad that with our experience and expertise we managed to let Gina and Trey have the day they were envisioning, in complete intimacy, while also enjoying to the fullest the beauty of the Costiera Amalfitana.

If you too are planning to elope to Italy, feel free to get in touch. We offer all-inclusive elopement packages in the most beautiful Italian little corners, away from the crowds where you can celebrate your marriage in intimacy while also enjoying Italy and its Dolce Vita vibes to the very fullest.

A First Look On The Shores Of Maiori

Walking alone on the streets of a typical Italian coast village, with the first light peering in, is priceless. This is how Gina & Trey’s elopement in the Amalfi Coast started, with a first look, on one of its most beautiful shores.

An Elopement Ceremony in Ravello

A Gentle Stroll And A Touching Exchange Of Vows In Ravello, Overlooking The Most Beautiful Bay In Italy

The day continued in Ravello, where we went for a little stroll: the town was all for Gina & Trey to explore, they got to enjoy the little alleys, the beautiful views, colours and squares without a single human around. After having a nice little breakfast in Ravello’s main square, we went to where we planned that Gina and Trey would exchange their vows. You know the most iconic Ravello view? Yes exactly, that’s where Gina & Trey celebrated their union, again, with not a single soul around. It was simply stunning.


A Boat Ride At Sunset, From Positano To Amalfi

The afternoon was all for the fun and relax! We took a ferry from Maiori to Positano, where our boat was waiting. We had a sunset tour, to explore the Amalfi Coast from a totally different perspective, equally as beautiful.

Toasting to your new union, with the sun touching your skin, while the breeze of the sea adds on to an already perfect atmosphere is simply unique.

The day ended in Amalfi, where we said our goodbyes, aware that we had a bliss, literally a bliss.

Thank you guys for trusting us on planning and documenting your incredible Italian adventure, we couldn’t feel more grateful!

Total Cost Of Gina And Trey’s Day

Wondering how much Gina and Trey spent for their elopement in the Amalfi Coast?

Here’s a breakdown of their expenses!

Itinerary planning and location suggestions

Timeline layout

Dealing with the logistics on the day

Documenting Gina & Trey’s incredible story


Ceremony Location fee


Boat ride at sunset with bottle of bobbles

€500 ca

(prices may differ a little depending on the day of the week, duration of the tour and period of the year chosen)



*this breakdown doesn’t include a bus ride, one taxi ride and a ferry ride

Feel free to help yourselves with this little guide to plan an elopement in the Amalfi Coast:

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