How to Elope In Southern Italy
A Comprehensive Guide

The Amalfi CoastNaplesSorrentoMateraAlberobello and its typical TrulliTropea are just a few of the amazing destinations you can explore when you decide to elope in Southern Italy. April, May, beginning of June as well as September and October are the best months to plan your elopement in Southern Italy, with smaller crowds and milder temperatures.

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Why Choose Southern Italy for Your Italian Elopement

If you like turquoise waters, typical La Dolce Vita style viewscoastal areas with iconic cliffs, some of the best food you can ever try in the world, unexplored rural areas, relaxing and peaceful experiences, then nothing will ever beat Southern Italy when it comes to choosing the perfect destination for your Italian elopement.

Eloping in Southern Italy will assure you a one of a kind life experience, an experience you will surely treasure for the rest of your days. 

When writing this guide, we ourselves couldn’t really choose which destination to choose for an elopement in Southern Italy, all of them are equally as stunning in their own peculiar way. Whether it is the mystical atmosphere you can experience while walking through the worldwide known Sassi di Matera, or whether it is the relax and inner peace you can have when sunbathing on a desert Calabrian beach, Southern Italy can really give you everything (and so much more) on your amazing Italian adventure!

When it comes to Southern Italy however, it is even more true that relying on the help of Italian vendors that know exactly what an elopement is and that know how to deal with local suppliers and people, will definitely come in handy. So, once again, we cannot stress enough how quintessential it is to find experts that can really walk hand in hand with you along the most amazing road of elopements in Italy.

Let’s not wait any further and let’s explore in detail our “how-to-guide” for eloping in Southern Italy.

1. The Amalfi Coast, SOrrento and the island of capri

The Amalfi Coast

One of the most beautiful coastline in Italy, with its mountains vertically plunging into the sea, the Amalfi Coast offers a myriad of possibilities for incredible beach elopements in Southern Italy. If you want to get married in front of the sea, with one of the most breathtaking views you can find in Italy, then this is the place you should start looking into. PositanoAmalfi and Ravello are undoubtedly the most famous and popular destinations in the Amalfi Coast, but there are also some other localities that can prove to be more budget friendly and less crowded.


If you want to explore more in detail the possibility of eloping in the Amalfi coast, you can have a look at our specific guide about Eloping in the Amalfi Coast, with all the different options you might have.

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Another popular destination in the Neapolitan Riviera is Sorrento. Sorrento is not on the Amalfi coast, but, with its high cliffs, it overlooks an equally stunning bay, the bay of Naples, making it the perfect destination for some dramatic views of the Amalfi Coast, the Vesuvius  and the Island of Capri. Its romantic panoramaslaid back atmosphere and fantastic food will definitely win you over.


Get lost in its centro storico (old town), enjoy the dazzling atmosphere of restaurant-lined Piazza Tasso, visit the The Church and Cloisters of San Francesco, peer down into the Valle Dei Mulini and catch a breathtaking Sorrento sunset while sipping a typical limoncello.


When in the Naples bay, the Island of Capri is an unmissable stop. Its splendour and charm has been renowned from ancient times (the island has been home of a Roman emperor and of several poets of different eras), and it is still enchanting whoever visits these days, with glittering blue seas, steep cliffs, elegant villas and scattered pine-trees.

Popular destination between the rich and the famous, you will not fail to notice the high-end boutiques that populate the squares and streets of both Capri and Anacapri (the other village in the island), and the luxury yachts docked in Capri’s Marina Grande, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get a taste of Capri’s luxury lifestyle.


  • Boat tour to Blue Grotto, world famous for its crystal clear waters, and around the Faraglioni rocks, considered the symbol of Capri.
  • Walk around Giardini di Augusto and have a walk on the Via Krupp, one of the most iconic landmarks in Capri.
  • Hike to the highest point of the island, Monte Solaro, or, catch a chairlift to the summit
  • Visit Villa Jovis, originally owned by Roman Emperor Tiberius!

Other beautilul islands in the Naples Bay worth mentioning are Procida and Ischia.


Whether you choose to elope in Sorrento or in Amalfi, drive through The Amalfi Drive, an ancient Roman road connecting Sorrento and Amalfi, carved out of the side of the coastal cliffs, with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and of the whole coastal area. A must see!

Or again, if you are a hiking lover, don’t miss out on a hike on the Path of the Gods, a 7.8 km trek that will lead you through historic towns on ancient mule routes where you will be able to enjoy some of the most spectacular views in Italy.



We keep travelling towards the beautiful South and we stop in Apulia, with the crystal waters of Salento. If you are looking for something really unique for your elopement in Southern Italy, then getting married within olive trees, on a stunning beach, surrounded by the famous Trulli of the Itria Valley is really quite an exceptional experience.

In Apulia people pride themselves on the food, which cannot fear any competition in other parts of Italy. If you love seafood, this is your region, famous also for its Crudo di Pesce, a specialty of Bari that will give you a sensory experience of pure pleasure.

If you decide to elope in Apulia, you will immediately feel all the hospitality and warmth of the people of the South. You will have the chance to experience a slow and relaxing time, while discovering hidden corners of outstanding natural beauty without the frenetic stress of a city full of people and tourists.

From ancient mediaeval castles, to Spanish fortified towers, to noble French villas, to gorgeous natural landscapes, Apulia is really one of the top choices for an elopement in Italy. During the Summer all through the end of September, there are many events and fairs dedicated to local products and traditional food specialities, with perhaps the most famous and extraordinary event being the Night of the Tarantula in August. 

Things To Do In Apulia

  • Admire the baroque architecture of the main Apulia cities, Bari, Brindisi and Lecce
  • Visit the Alberobello and the Trulli
  • Explore the Grotte di Castellana and Grotta Zinzulusa
  • Hike in Gargano National Park
  • Taste Olive Oil in the ‘white city’, Ostuni
  • Sunbathe on the beaches around Gallipoli and Otranto
  • Have a road trip along the clifftop coast road between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Get ‘Tarantolato’ and dance to the morning during the Night of the Tarantula in the Lecce area

Food Experience in Apulia

  • Orecchiette e cime di rapa (Short pasta that looks like ‘little ears’ with broccoli rabe)
  • Pasticciotto: Typical Apulean breakfast, shortbread pastry filled with custard
  • Focaccia barese: Focaccia Bari style
  • Panzerotti: Fried pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and anchovies
  • Pezzetti: Braised cubes of horse meat
  • Local extra virgin olive oil and fresh vegetables!


If you like strong, full-bodied wines Apuglia is your place 

Primitivo di ManduriaNegroamaro and Salice Salentino among the red wines. Tufjano and Castel Del Monte among the whites

3. Abruzzo

Almost a secret gem located between Rome and the Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo is undoubtedly less known than other regions of Italy, but that offers the great advantage of being less crowded by tourists and definitively more budget friendly. This region has a great local culture deeply rooted in gastronomyliterature, and music, coupled with a wide range of mountainsnational parksbreathtaking sea views and charming villages.

Its unique geographical location and its dramatic landscapes makes it the ideal region for outdoor enthusiast and keen hikers looking to elope in Southern Italy, while the beautiful architecture of its hilltop villages, its fine wines and traditional cuisine will definitely tempt those ones set on having an authentic Italian experience.

Its contrasting geography also gives Abruzzo almost two different ‘souls’: the region along the coastline, with a seaside feel and a mild climate, and the other in the mountains, with much wider temperature ranges depending on the season.

Things to Do In Abruzzo

  • Hiking or cycling in the Gran Sasso National Park, you might have an encounter with an Abruzzo Brown Bear or an Apenine wolf!
  • Visit Rocca di Calascio
  • Visit L’aquila, the capital city
  • Discover ‘I Borghi più belli d’Italia’, 24 hilltop villages and towns in Abruzzo have been nominated the most beautiful towns in Italy!
  • Visit the Trabocchi Coast and its ancient fisherman huts
  • Indulge in the local food specialties and world-class wines


Food Experience

  • Spaghetti alla chitarra: thin squared fresh spaghetti pasta.
  • Scrippelle Mbusse: crepes in broth Abruzzo style
  • Timballo: baked layers of crepes, fried artichokes and cheese.
  • Porchetta: slow roasted pork, Abruzzo’s style, served in a crusty sandwich.
  • Arrosticini: grille mutton/sheep skewers, the best street food in Abruzzo!


Abruzzo has splendid DOC wines, both red and white, like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Montonico, Pecorino and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, to name a few.

How to Get THere

Closest airport: Abruzzo Airport, Pescara,

International nearby Airports: Fiumicino Airport, Rome – Naples International Airport.

The best way to move around Abruzzo is definitively by car.

4. Calabria

Italy’s ‘heel’ and another of its best kept hidden gems, Calabria is the least visited and most rural region of the country. But it is also a land of crystal clear waterswild mountainsdramatic coastline and seascapes, enchanting fishing villages rich in history back to Byzantine conquerors. If you are up for a candid and uncensored view of the sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic Southern Italy lifestyle, almost untouched by foreign tourism, then Calabria is the right place for you.

Undoubtedly Calabria’s main attractions are its spectacular and unspoiled beaches with clear turquoise water, the most famous of them being Costa Degli DeiCosta Viola and Arco Magno.

Calabria’s coast line is broken by perching towns and charming fishing villages, all of them rich in history and local traditions, from food to architecture to dialects and customs. Among the others, Tropea, Scilla and Pizzo stand out as the most characteristic. 

Heads up to all the hikers out there: Calabria’s mountain region is home of three national parks, none of them particularly well explored, so undoubtedly a good place to love yoursleves surrounded by wild and untouched nature!


Things To Do In Calabria

  • Stop at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria to see the The Riace Bronzes
  • Hike in the Pollino and the Sila National Parks
  • Visit the the Ghost town of Pentedattilo, the fortress of Le Castella and the city of Stilo
  • Enjoy the view in Nicola Arcella and the atmosphere of Tropea
  • Add of course have a dip in the turquoise sea!


Food Experience

  • ‘Nduja Traditional spicy sausage paste
  • Ragu’ Calabria style (not at all similar to the Bolognese one!)
  • Pesce Spada alla Ghiotta: Swordfish with olives and capers in tomato sauce
  • Pipi Chini: stuffed peppers Calabria style

5. Basilicata

Between Calabria, Puglia and Campania, Basilicata, also called Lucania, is yet another region off the beaten tourist track, but like in many other cases in Southern Italy, with so much to offer and for you to discoverMost of the region is mountainous (Basilicata is the most mountainous region in the south of Italy and home of two beautiful national parks, so the perfect place for outdoorsy people!) and its land is dotted with ravineshilltowns and castles. It also has two short stretches of coast line, one with wonderful white sand beaches and the other with picturesque rocky bays.

Another plus of the region for those who are looking for a peaceful and slow paced experience: given its low number of inhabitants and a very low tourist influx, Basilicata is blissfully quiet and its beaches and roads devoid of crowds.

But Basilicata does include two localities that enjoy popularity among the travellers: Maratea and, even more, Matera.


Matera is famous for its unique cave-houses districtsSassi, thought to be the first human dwellings in Italy (inhabited since the Paleolithic!) and a place of squalor and penury until the 1950s, when they were gradually abandoned. Since the 80s they have slowly been brought back to life and now they are listed within the UNESCO World heritage sites. The grottoes carved out of limestone, with their steep steps and stoney alleyways, offer one of the most dramatic and unique scenery in Italy and have been used in several famous movies.

In contrast with the past of these humble dwellings, now there are luxury hotel-caves, where you can eat and sleep or enjoy an aperitivo while admiring a contemporary piece of art, all in a cave!


The ancient town of Maratea between steep green mountains and the see of Basilicata’s west coast, a chic little town relatively well connected and with lovely hotels and boutiques.

Things To Do in Basilicata

  • Sleep in a cave hotel in Sassi, Matera
  • Visit Casa Grotta, cave house museum and Alombaro Lungo, rain water cisterns in Sassi, Matera
  • Hike, do some rafting or canyoning in the Pollino National Park, the biggest National Park in Italy
  • Hike the Dolomiti Lucane
  • Zip wire between Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa

Food Experience

Strazzata with a doughnut shape

Rafanata, thick frittata (omelette) with horseradish

Calzoni Lucania style with different fillings

Lucanica Sausage Lucania style

Pignata: slow cooked lamb or mutton meat 

Cutturiddi: stewed lamb with tomato and onions


The most famous Lucania wine is the Aglianico del Vulture DOC.

Elope In Southern Italy

Elope in Southern Italy if you too are in love with the colours and atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast, if you are ready to explore Calabria’s rural and untouched lands, if you want to enjoy the uniqueness of Apulia and its Trulli, if you want to be mesmerised by Matera and its extraordinary caves and so much more.


Or, if you want to keep exploring the beauties of our country and see what other options you can have on your Italian elopement, help yourselves with all our Italy elopement guides:

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