The idea of a big, traditional wedding doesn’t really excite you? Are you envisioning your wedding day in a much more intimate setting or in a more adventurous way? Many couples lately are choosing to elope rather than having a conventional wedding. The reasons for their choice are several, but often the big first kick towards eloping is wanting to get rid of the pressure of the big celebration and instead focusing on living an intimate and unforgettable experience with the people they love the most.

If a conventional wedding never really felt like you, eloping might be just what you are looking for. It is always good to remember that when you choose to have an intimate wedding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to give up on having any guests at all. You can create a relaxed, informal atmosphere and have a heartfelt ceremony with your closest family members and friends or, alternatively, you can have your elopement with just the two of you and then organise a big party once you are back home.
The great thing about elopements is that you can design your wedding day exactly as you want it, without any compromises.

Experience over Stuff

When you choose to elope, you are making a big statement. You are choosing Experience over Stuff, adventure over big celebrations and grand decorations. You are favouring great natural locations over fancy and luxurious venues.
You also embrace a more sustainable, eco-friendly type of wedding, one that has much less impact on the environment.
With our love for the outdoors, nature and wild spaces, we find that shooting outdoor weddings, intimate weddings or elopements is where we really feel at home. We are always excited to be part of a day mainly focused on love and deep connections, it simply feels so much in line with our eco way of living.

Feeling Authentic

Your wedding day should be about you, your love for each other and the things that are important to you. You shouldn’t have to compromise on what makes you feel authentic and true to yourselves.

As a couple, have you been spending all your free time hiking up mountains, skiing and travelling to the wildest destinations?

Are backpacking and rock climbing
things you two share as your biggest passions? Then why should you give up on such an important part of your life on your wedding day?

When you elope, you are the one that sets the formula for the day. You can choose to elope in a remote solitary beach or on top of a mountain, in winter or summer, at dawn or at dusk.

You can include all the elements that better reflect your passions and personalities.

It’s about the two of you

Eloping gives you the opportunity of celebrating not only your love for each other, but also all those things that are important to you as a couple, while having the whole day focused solely on the two of you together

If you choose to elope, you will strip the day of all the stress, the pressure and the drama that some people might find exciting and thrilling and that some people might simply find too overwhelming.

Elope to a European city

You can’t resist the charm of an European city and you want to elope in one of the wonderful locations Europe has to offer?

You are in luck!

Being based a stone’s throw away from London, UK, and in Florence, Tuscany, we cover weddings and elopements anywhere in Europe.

We have recently shot intimate weddings in London, Edinburgh, Rome, Florence and Arezzo and we can’t wait to keep following our wonderful couples to all the destinations they set their hearts on.