Here’s a girl’s guide to what to wear for Italian weddings

by writer and blogger Erin Brown

As far as romantic wedding destinations go, Italy is hard to beat. You’re bound to have a wedding of a lifetime no matter where in Italy you go, whether it’s to witness the rolling countrysides in Tuscany or the seaside charm of Sicily.

It goes without saying that you’ll obviously want to look your best for this event. This holds true whether you’re the one walking down the aisle or a guest taking part in that once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. So without further ado, below is your ultimate guide when it comes to what to wear for Italian weddings.


Italian women are known to exude absolute sophistication no matter what they wear, and this is precisely the tone you want to strike with your wedding dress. Don’t be tempted to have a dress with all the frills and embellishments just because you’re having a destination wedding: the elegance that a sleek and sophisticated dress exudes will surely turn heads.

To that end, Vanity Fair’s round-up of minimalist and low profile wedding dresses proves that your style can still be sophisticated sans the budget. Self-Portrait’s Camellia Dress is a romantic and lacy number that works well on any figure and cuts right above the ankle for a flattering length. More modern brides can also opt for Seren’s jumpsuit, which will surely make a mark.

Whatever wedding dress (or jumpsuit) you choose, don’t forget your veil. This is especially true if you decide to get married in Southern Italy, where tradition dictates that the length of your veil should be as long as your engagement. Making your wedding veil after you’ve chosen your dress will ensure that both are a perfect match!

What to wear at Italian weddings


As a guest, the pressure isn’t necessarily on you to steal the show. Even if that’s the case, of course you’ll still want to make sure you look your best. After all, you don’t get to attend an Italian wedding every day. Choosing a dress that makes you feel like a princess in your own right will make for some fantastic memories — and of course some fantastic photos to commemorate those memories.

The rule of sophistication also applies here. For a dress that’s sure to flatter your body while also making sure you look your best, monochrome dresses are one of the top picks in Pretty Me’s guide to the best dress styles. Navy and beige are universally flattering hues, but you can also go for rich jewel tones like emerald and ruby. White is of course out of the question so that you don’t upstage the bride, but black also has a connotation of death and bad luck that should be avoided.

What to wear at Italian weddings

Of course, you’ll want to pick the perfect accessory to go with your outfit. According to Lyst’s ‘2020 Wedding Report’, headbands and ear cuffs are the way to go for an on-trend yet stylish look. Topping off your outfit with minimalist shoes like ASOS’ strappy gold heels will give your outfit a fairytale-like touch.

The current health crisis means you’ll probably have to wait a little longer before jetting off to Italy for a dream destination wedding. Aside from using this time to build up your excitement for the main event, why not start shopping around for what to wear? Think about it this way — deciding on your dream outfit will make you even more excited for the event!

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