Are you looking for a photographer to document and help you plan your amazing elopement adventure in Italy? If you are dreaming of a wedding on an Italian beach, in the Tuscan countryside, in the stunning surroundings of the Amalfi Coast or of Lake Como, or if you are dreaming of a mountain top elopement, then here you will most likely find all the inspiration and information you need.

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Why it’s important you get this bit right

When it comes to elopements, choosing a photographer that can properly direct you through this exciting experience, is absolutely quintessential.

Eloping to Italy has definitely become a trend in the last couple of years. Only a few years back, the choice of eloping to a foreign country was exclusive to the most daring couples who wanted to break all the rules. Nowadays, those who choose to elope don’t necessarily want to cut off their family and friends from their big celebration, they want to live an unforgettable experience while also celebrating their union in complete intimacy, however and wherever they wish to.

Italy is the perfect country for an elopement in Europe. Some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes, coastal areas, historical cities and culinary traditions are in Italy, and exploring this amazing country on your elopement day will only translate into a grand adventure!

However, while eloping to Italy is undoubtedly going to be amazing, navigating through wedding suppliers that sometimes are not very familiar with a foreign language and with a formula that here is really NOT a thing, is not always easy. 

Plus, the risk of ending up in the most touristic and fake-like places is always behind the corner.

That is why choosing to work with vendors that actually know the world of elopements is the way to go.



The stages of planning an elopement are very much different from those of planning a wedding. Usually when you are planning a wedding abroad and opt for a destination wedding, after you have chosen the country of your dream, the first thing you will try to secure is the venue. Once you nail this bit down and you have a set date, then you can start looking for the rest of the vendors. One of the first is surely the photographer: wedding photographers get booked far in advance and their availability is often limited. Also, if the style of photography is really important to you, compromising on the photographer is never exactly ideal. That is why ticking off the photographer bit is one of the first things one should try to do when planning their wedding.

Planning an elopement however is a different process. Once your heart is set on a country or on a specific region, then other factors will weigh on your scale. Firstly, you will have a travelling time frame. Maybe not necessarily a very specific itinerary in mind, but surely an idea or vision in which you are picturing your day to be like. Once you have these elements, the first professional you should start researching for is the photographer, who is the one who’s going to give you the most valuable information.

When a photographer decides to specialise in elopements, they are necessarily going beyond their main “photographer nature”. Or at least, every photographer that knows what documenting an elopement means, will put in place everything that’s needed to make sure a couple lives the experience they are actually dreaming of.





Here’ a list of questions we think you should ask your photographer when you first get in touch (if it is not clear from their website, blog, socials..):

  1. Are they mainly wedding photographers or have they photographed elopements before?
  2. Are they locals to Italy or to the area you intend to elope to?
  3. Do they specialise in elopements?
  4. Will they help you outline the best itinerary and timeline for your day?

In order to help you choose your elopement photographer and help you understand whether it will be the right fit for you, here below you will find our own process. Having worked in the elopement world for years, we have a few practices in place that we think benefit our couples and their elopement planning.


When couples get in touch with us, they often only have a very rough travelling schedule, sometimes (which is absolutely understandable) they are not too aware of the distances, they often overlook places and they risk ending up travelling for hoursacross Italy without a real reason. When a couple gets in touch looking for an elopement photographer in Italy, we do not simply send over our brochure and packages, we advise on the best itinerary to take to make the most out of their trip across our country. We study their travelling plans and we advise on the best moment and locations to elope to.

Setting up a video call is again of paramount importance. Having a chat with our couples is the only way in which we really get to understand their vision and what they expect from their elopement in Italy.

Once the call is done, we then suggest the locations, itineraries and experiences that we think would work just perfectly for their day.

And that is when the planning begins!



If you choose to elope to Italy and hire us as your elopement photographers, we will make sure to properly go through your travelling plans and to understand your vision in order to suggest the best solution for your exciting elopement in Italy.

And if you want to explore some less popular and more unique destinations, we will be more than happy to help you discover some unrevealed and more hidden Italian gems that will make your adventure even more epic.

We are a sister duo, two Italian photographers who specialise in elopements in Italy. Our journey began in London, where we started our photography business and since then it has taken us all across Europe. We are now based in Florence, Tuscany and we travel all across our country to document our couples’ amazing stories.



If you too are starting to look into the exciting world of elopements in Italy, you cannot miss the comprehensive guide we have recently published. So make sure to check it out, it is totally free and it will give you a perfect overview of the many options you can choose from and more when you decide to have an Italian elopement.

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A Comprehensive Guide to elope in Italy



Also, we offer an all-inclusive elopement package, a stress-free and hassle-free package where we take care of every aspect of your elopement planning. If you are interested in this kind of formula, then please feel free to check it out at the link below. If you were to choose our all inclusive elopement package, we would take care of all the planning of your day, making sure to secure for you the best venues for your elopement in Italy, as well as the best vendors and experiences you can have on your day.

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