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How do I choose the Italy wedding photographer that is just right for me? Is there a guideline I should follow? Are there specific questions I should ask? What is the average cost of a wedding photographer in Italy? How will I know I will be paying a fair fee?

Choosing the right wedding photographer for your day could be one of the most challenging bits to face during the planning of your wedding. That is why we are offering our experience and expertise to help you navigate through such a hard task.

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1. How do I narrow down my pool of wedding photographers?

When choosing your wedding photographer in Italy, there are many factors you should weigh on your scale: does their style meet your taste? Do you think you will be able to connect with them and get along on your wedding day? As obvious as it may sound, are they available on your date?

– Do your research

Research on the internet and see who is out there. You have to fall in love with their style, but check also who is willing to travel, who has lots of experience in shooting in Italy and who will be able to connect both with you and your guests and all the providers involved. Having a photographer that can speak both English and Italian is always a big advantage on the wedding day! If you are doing your research on Instagram, remember: don’t simply focus on their grid, but dig a little deeper and check out some full albums from their blog, that is the best way to see if their story telling actually suits your taste.

– Narrow down your list

We would personally narrow down to 3 to 5 photographers whose style you like. We wouldn’t pick more than 5, but that is just us!

– Get in touch

Now it is time to reach out, check out the packages they offer and set up a video call.

– Weigh your numbers

Once you have their brochures and have an idea of the packages they offer to cover a wedding in Italy, the next question should be, are they within your budget? Although, when it comes to the budget, we advise you not to be too strict with the number you have in mind. We might be a bit biased on this, but this advice really comes from the heart. If you really fell in love with the style of a photographer but to have them at your wedding would mean to stretch your budget a tiny bit, then it might be worth it. The pictures of your wedding will be the one thing that you will treasure forever of your so special day that you put so much energy and soul into planning. Also, always keep in mind that you will have to spend the whole day with your photographer, so it is quintessential that you will enjoy their presence!

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I feel like wedding photographers are very expensive, why is that?

If you are wondering why a professional wedding photographer might seem expensive, consider what makes the price of their packages: years of studying and of building up experience (and you can really tell if a photographer is experienced in shooting weddings or not), quality of the images that will be delivered, hours spent in culling and professionally editing all the images, hours spent on the actual wedding day, hours spent communicating with couples and helping them lay out their day, high costs put into advertising, renewing their equipment, paying their taxes.. And these are only a few of the factors that make out the cost of a wedding photography package.


2. How much is the cost of a wedding photographer in Italy?

the average starting price is €2500 to €5200

Every wedding photographer charges the price they think it better reflects their level of experience and quality they provide. Having said that, the average starting price of a Italy wedding photographer stretches from €2500 to €5200 depending on what is included in their package. Extras you can add to a wedding photography package are, for example:

– A Pre-wedding Session

– A Photo Album and the extra copies for parents

– Fine Art Prints

– Hours of Coverage

– A Second Shooter

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3. What is the average deposit for a wedding photographer?

4. Will a wedding photographer be willing to travel?

The Deposit:

Usually, in order to book a photographer you will have to transfer between 30% and 50% of the value of the package you choose.

And, will they travel?

YES!! And please, allow us to say it loud and clear, YES!! Most wedding photographers nowadays are traveling wedding photographers. Take our case for example. We are based both in Tuscany (Italy) and in Hastings (UK), but we cover weddings all over Europe. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with the photographer you are crazy about even if they are not based where you are planning to have your wedding, most likely they will be more than happy to make the trip and follow your story wherever you want to tell it!

A few of our next 2022 stops for example are:

– Sicily (twice!!)

– Denmark

– Lake Como

– London

– The Dolomites

– San Galgano (twice!!)

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5. Questions to ask a wedding photographer

Here is our special list of useful questions to ask your wedding photographer:

Are you available on our date?

Will you book more than a wedding on the same day?

Will you be the one shooting our wedding or will there be an associate?

What is included in your full-day photography package? How many hours does it cover?

What is your photography style?

What is your approach on the wedding day?

What is the turnaround time to get the full gallery?

How will the images be delivered?

How long will the online gallery be accessible for?

Will we be able to download the photos in HD?

Will we be able to print out the images?

Can we order prints or albums?

Will we sign a contract?

How much deposit will you require?

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Do you carry back up equipment?

Are you insured?

These are, in our opinion, the most important questions you should ask your wedding photographer. Always keep in mind though, that one of the most important things when hiring a wedding photographer is to actually like your photographer as a human being! Of course it is quintessential that the quality of their work is up to your standards, but getting along with your photographer should always be a big plus!


6. How much is the cost of a wedding in Italy?

Elegant rustic Italian wedding villa
Elegant rustic Italian wedding villa

If you are planning to get married in Italy but you are not quite sure what to expect in terms of investment, feel free to check out our article about the costs of a wedding in Italy, with everything you need to know on the matter:

If your heart is already set on Italy and you are quite far down into the planning of your wedding and starting now to look for a wedding photographer in Italy, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would absolutely love to schedule a video call where you can ask all the questions you want to!

For more wedding planning resources, feel free to download our FREE GUIDE WITH 13 STEPS TO PLAN A WEDDING IN TUSCANY.

How to plan a wedding in Italy

What couples say about us…

How to choose your Italy wedding photographer

Our photos were amazing. My husband and I are not naturally photogenic, or fans of being photographed (who is!), but we felt at ease our whole day. We could not have picked better photographers, they were flexible when covid changed our plans, happy to heed our requests for photos in specific places, and also pro active to speak to the venue out great places we wouldn’t have even known about. That thoughtfulness pays off in the quality of the photos. They are pleasure to have as part of the day and all our guests commented on how nice they were and how great the photos came out. We cannot thank Benni & Carol enough.

How to choose your Italy wedding photographer

The best choice! When we decided to get married I knew I wanted Benni and Carol to be our wedding photographers. Carol was simply the best, she was there all the way (even during 2 postponed dates!) and on the day of our wedding she was amazing. She made us feel so comfortable during the couple shooting and she was able to capture the essence of our day so wonderfully! We have just received the photos and to choose which one to print for our wedding album was so hard, all the photos are so beautiful! If you are getting married Benni and Carol are the best choice for your photos, I would choose them again and again!

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