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Nature and environment have always been a big focus in our lives, not only as photographers, but also as human beings, we have always honoured the planet and nature. We teach our children daily how important it is to respect the environment in which we live, how important it is to be conscious about waste, about recycling, about making choices that will effect the planet positively – of course, there is sooo much we can still do to improve, on so many different levels!!

But here’s a little article that hopefully will give you a little extra inspiration for a greener, more eco-friendly wedding. Even only opting for a couple of the points listed below would help making the whole wedding industry going towards a greener direction!

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Planning an eco-friendly wedding


Weddings are happy, beautiful occasions that celebrate love. Yet weddings are also one of the biggest ways to waste resources. And because celebrations are done on a larger scale, the repercussions of amassing waste are bigger, too.

Now, we’re not saying you have to cancel the large parties altogether, or go one hundred percent waste-free. All we’re asking, is for you to consider taking these small yet impactful steps, into making your wedding as sustainable and waste-free, as possible.


1. Choose a local venue that is socially responsible

There are several considerations to keep in mind when confirming a venue. Whether it’s the budget, the look and feel of the space, and its location, you can now add one more thing to your list of must-haves: one that practices eco-friendly measures.

These venues are the ones that minimise food waste by obtaining food sources locally or regionally, harness the use of solar energy and rain water, and so on.

A venue that looks great on its own without much décor, is great too.

2. Find the right dress

If you’re not particular, opt for a vintage dress, secondhand, or find a bridal salon that offers dress rental services instead. That’s a sure way to minimise using resources that go into the making of a brand-new wedding dress that you’re only going to wear once in your life.

For more on this read our article “Top 10 Sustainable wedding dresses”.

planning an eco-friendly wedding

3. Rewear your suit

Already own a suit? Consider asking your groom to wear that for the wedding. Even if he wants to make a new one, he’ll probably get more wear out of his suit than your dress.

4. Choose sustainable wedding rings

When looking for your wedding rings, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Think vintage bands that offer character and charm, ethically-sourced diamonds or gemstones (psst, you really can’t tell the difference with lab-grown diamonds!), or rings made out of recycled metal.

To read more on the matter, read our article An Ethical Guide to shop for wedding rings.

5. Opt for an Eco-friendly invitation wedding suite

In this day and age, we don’t quite see the need of having physical save the days, and invitation suites anymore. However, for your elderly or more traditional relatives and friends, consider printing your invitations on recycled paper, or seed paper instead. The latter is made out of material that grows into plants when left in the garden, or a pot of soil. When looking for your wedding stationer or printer, be sure to ask if he or she gives back to the environment in other ways, too.

Find out all you need to know at our article “How to create an eco-friendly invitation wedding suite“.

Eco-invitation suite

6. Favours for charity

Skip favours your guests may not appreciate, and put that money into a charitable cause that’s close to your heart instead.

7. Sustainable gifts

In your wedding registry, opt for items that help minimise waste, such as lunchboxes, reusable straws, silicone bags, linen bags for produce, and so on. If you already have a home, and don’t need extra items, consider having your guests make donations to a charity of your choice, in lieu of wedding gifts.

8. Reusable crockery

Should you require the services of a caterer, look for one that uses reusable plates, cutlery, and mugs, instead of plastic ones. If you’re unsuccessful, ask your caterer if you’re able to bring your own reusables instead.

9. Take it home

Minimise food waste by encouraging your guests to take excess food home if they are unable to finish theirs! This is more likely if you’re having a buffet instead of a sit-down meal.

10. Choose seasonal and local flowers

Freshly-cut blooms aren’t the best for the environment. They’re also not the most practical either. Mitigate the situation by looking for a florist that works with local flowers for your bouquet, as well as uses foam-free arrangements instead. Also, swap the flowers for something else instead, if you can! For instance, replace table floral arrangements with potted flowers, bottles of wine, dessert, or even practical favours your guests can reuse over again.

Check out our article “Choosing an eco-friendly bouquet“.

11. Donate your flowers

Once your wedding’s over, reuse, recycle, or donate your unwanted decorations – especially flowers – to organisations that could use them.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding
Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding
Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding
Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

12. Rent or buy second hand

If you can, check out websites that offer décor rentals, or buy second hand decorations off brides before you, or at thrift stores. Here, you get to enjoy savings, and minimise waste at the same time. Win-win!

13. Opt for Eco-friendly confetti

Should you have an exit toss, consider confetti that’s made from biodegradable or recycled material such as recycled paper, flower petals, or leaves.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

We really hope you enjoyed reading through these tips that the lovely Felicia at

Will Work for Weddings

kindly shared with us, we would love to read in the comments below if you are taking “green” choices for your wedding and if so, how!


For all Eco-friendly and Sustainable wedding tips, check out our network of eco-friendly wedding suppliers and make the most out of their amazing green wedding resources!


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