Jacqueline & Edward is a family business based in Yorkshire. They design beautiful engagement and wedding rings, using recycled precious metals and diamondslab grown diamonds and natural sustainably panned river gold from around the UK. Everything they create is purely sustainableethical and handmade.

Jacqueline & Edward’s Ethos and Work

Their environmental standpoint is core to the business and as well as using ethical materials Jacqueline & Edward plant a native tree in the Caledonian Forest with every order to help restore natural biodiversity whilst sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

All the pieces they create are 100% handmade from beginning to end.

Even the most complex of their engagement rings are toiled over for countless hours from melting the initial alloy, drawing the wire used for the prongs and rolling the sheet to create the galleries, to shaping the ring, setting the stones and the final polish.  Nothing is created using computer aided design (CAD), then cast as a single finished piece.  Each step of the process, from the liquid alloy rolling around in the crucible to the final ring, is done with meticulous care and pride from their home workshop in Yorkshire using age-old traditions and skills.

Jacqueline & Edward enhance all their rings with natural river gold from different regions of the UK and beyond to add provenance to their rings, often connecting with a couple’s past.  If their couples are looking for a unique story to wear on their finger, they can even join them in the wild of Scotland panning for gold which Jacqueline & Edward can add into their wedding rings.

Jacqueline & Edward’s Story

Jacqueline & Edward’s story began over 30 years ago when Mark (the co-founder) was driving over the Kildonan Bridge at “Baile an Or” with his father Edward. They were in the middle of nowhere, literally.  A bearded man was hunched over the river with a cowboy hat on.  “What on earth was he doing?” they thought.  One small conversation later about the days gone by of old timers finding gold in the hills and a demonstration of the art of gold panning and their clapped-out old campervan was thrown in park for two weeks.  Mark and his father had found gold… and gold had found them.   Little did they know, both of their lives were changed forever.

From that day, gold panning became central to Mark’s life whilst he grew up and brings back all his favorite memories.  Spending time with family and friends, paddling around in rivers, falling in love with geology, fires in the wild, camping in the hills and finding some of that illusive metal.

Jacqueline & Edward’s Vision

Their overall vision is to bring the beauty and provenance of natural river gold, gifted from their family collection, into the world of ethical jewellery.  Recycled metals and gemstones are central to Jacqueline & Edward’s sustainable outlook, as is their eco packaging.

They want to leave a legacy of trees, positive actions and good memories behind them, show people how to look for gold in an ecofriendly way and create beautiful high quality jewellery by hand within their own workshop.

To know all about their story, their ethos and their unique work, you can check out the video below:

For more on Jacqueline & Edward’s wonderful sustainable wedding & engagement rings, check our their website:

Jacqueline & Edward

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