Aura Muse creates unconventional engagement and wedding rings with a natural and rustic vibe. The wonderful person behind this ethical business is Veronica, an Italian girl devoted to creating unique sustainable pieces.

From crafting to packaging, all jewellery are thoughtfully handmade with the highest standard of ethics and sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and mindfully collected gemstones.

Every gemstone is ethically and sustainably sourced from sellers who are fully trusted and who share Veronica’s same values and vision of the world.

When Veronica chooses a wholesaler, she asks as many questions as possible, even the most uncomfortable ones. The source of the gemstones must be fully trusted, Veronica would rather not commit to the seller if there is the faintest doubt about the source.

All the diamonds used for her beautiful creations are more than conflict-free. Veronica buys them from suppliers who get them from DTC sightholders. In this way she also ensures their ethical and responsible source.

The base metal for all Aura Muse’s creations is copper, one of the “greenest” metals on Earth.

An alternative and highly unique choice to celebrate your love story while respecting our precious planet too.

Why Copper?

If you are looking for a rustic and sustainable jewelry piece, then Copper is the perfect metal.

It’s extremely durable and one of the few metals that is 100% sustainable, besides, it looks just perfect both on women and men!

To know all about Aura Muse’s wonderful sustainable wedding and engagement rings, check our their website:

Aura Muse

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